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bagasse tableware production process


Since different equipment will be different in actual operation, here we will briefly describe the production process of one kind of equipment for bagasse products.

The sugarcane bagasse tableware production process are as below:

1.Weight and soak the sugarcane(usually paper-board).

2.Smarsh pulp paper-board.

3.Milling and mixed the pulp:saponification of fiber filaments to improve their fiber binding ability.

4.Forming the design(absorb pulp by vacuum).

  finalizing the design(heating vapor and absorb the gas by vacuum).

5.Cutting the edge:make the inner and outer surface of bagasse tableware smooth and the bagasse tableware can be pressed with some text and patterns according to different customer and use requirements.

6.Inspection the bagasse tableware:

7.Sterilizing and re-examinethe bagasse tableware.

8.Put in storage and ready to ship.

sugarcane bagasse tableware

The production process for sugarcane bagasse plates, bagasse bowls and bagasse containers are almost the same. Shenglin Packaging has many kinds of  bagasse plates, bagasse bowls and bagasse containers for your choice. They are meet great favor overseas. Welcome to choose the best bagasse tableware for you. Thank you.

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