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World Environment Day


The World Environment Day is held on June 5 each year. Member countries hold the "World Environment Day" commemorative event, publish the "Annual Report on the Status Quo of the Environment" and commend the "Global 500 Best", according to the major environmental issues and the environment The hot spot is to formulate the theme of "World Environment Day" in a targeted manner, collectively known as World Environmental Protection Day.

On June 5, 1972, the United Nations held the United Nations Conference on Human Environment in Stockholm, Sweden. The Conference adopted the "Declaration on Human Environment", and proposed that June 5 each year be designated as "World Environment Day." In October of the same year, the 27th UN General Assembly adopted a resolution to accept the proposal. World Environment Day is one of the major media for the United Nations to promote global environmental awareness, increase government attention to environmental issues and take action. World Environment Day reflects people's understanding and attitudes to environmental issues around the world, and expresses human's yearning and pursuit of a better environment.

The United Nations system and governments of all countries carry out various activities every year on June 5th to promote and emphasize the importance of protecting and improving the human environment.

The United Nations Environment Program announces the theme of the World Environment Day at the beginning of each year, and publishes an annual report on the state of the environment on each World Environment Day.

The earth is the common homeland of human beings and other species. However, due to the undesirable development methods of mankind, deforestation and fishing, the rate of extinction of species on the earth has greatly accelerated. The trend of biodiversity loss is making the ecosystem slip to an irrecoverable critical point. If the earth’s ecosystem eventually deteriorates irreparably, the relatively stable environmental conditions on which human civilization depends will no longer exist.

The significance of World Environment Day is to remind the world to pay attention to the dangers of the earth and human activities to the environment. The United Nations system and governments are required to carry out various activities on this day to emphasize the importance of protecting and improving the human environment.

We can protect the environment from small things around us. For example, when you go shopping, use environmentally friendly bags (such as non-woven bags, paper bags, degradable bags, etc.). When you go out to eat, you can bring your own cutlery. And restaurants can provide bidegradable tableware (such as bagasse pulp tableware). Use paper cups instead of disposable plastic cups when drinking water.

non-woven bags

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