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  • Except for some regular kraft paper boxes or kraft paper boxes with windows. Shenglin Packaging also has Kraft Paper Food Box With Holes. The Kraft Paper Food Box With Holes of Shenglin Packaging is designed with a coating inside, which can prevent leakage and grease. The top ventilation hole design of the Kraft Paper Food Box With Holes of Shenglin Packaging can keep the food breathable and keep the fried food from becoming soft.


  • The annual Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. According to the national holiday regulations, and consider the actual situation of Fujian Shenglin Packaging Company. The holiday arrangements for the Dragon Boat Festival in 2022 are as follows: The Dragon Boat Festival holiday in 2022 will be a public holiday from June 3 to June 5. Among them, June 3 (Friday, the day of the Dragon Boat Festival in the lunar calendar).


  • In addition to kraft paper bags with handles, Shenglin Packaging also has flat bottom bread paper bags. The flat bottom bread paper bags of Shenglin Packaging can be used as a party bag or snack bag, which can hold all kinds of snacks, popcorn sticks, candy bars, baked goods and so on.


  • Shenglin Packaging has a 1000 ml Rectangular Bagasse Container. 1000 ml Rectangular Bagasse Container is meet great demand these days.


  • Office will be closed from April 30th to May 4th for Labor Day holiday.


  • On April 20th, 2022, the bagasse pulp trays required by Shenglin Packaging's customer were loaded into a 40 HQ container at the factory.