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  • Tokyo, June 4 (Xinhua) Japan will ban free plastic bags from retailers in a new law aimed at reducing plastic waste pollution, the environment minister said on Wednesday. Some local governments in Japan have introduced policies to charge for plastic bags.


  • Light weight and anti-breakage. Compared to glass bottle cups, Paper Cups are lightweight and there is no danger of breakage.


  • Fujian Shenglin Huanghe I & E Trading Co.,Ltd. is mainly co-invest by Suzhou Shenglin Paper Products Co.,Ltd. & Anhui Shenglin Environmental technology Co.,Ltd. Suzhou Shenglin Paper Products Co.,Ltd. was built in 2005, a professional paper material packaging company who provide a complete packaging solution in food and industrial packaging service. In order to meet the market and growth needs, we opened a new factory in Anhui ( so called Anhui Shenglin Environmental technology Ltd., Co). In order to better serve the market, established by the factory in early 2018, a company specializing in market development and sales / after-sales services built, that is us: Fujian Shenglin Huanghe I & E Trading Co.,Ltd.


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