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We're one of bio pla straw manufacturers and suppliers in China, Our bio pla straw have passed China QS test and FDA/BRC/LFGB certification test. Welcome to wholesale bio pla straw from our factory, we can provide you with bio pla straw price list and quotation.
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  • PLA Straws for Hot and Cold Drink Bio PLA Straw is a new type of biodegradable environmental fiber-- lactic acid -- is made from a renewable natural material, lactic acid processing has the advantage of not using petroleum and other chemical materials and can be biodegradable from raw materials to wastes. PLA fiber is made of lactic acid made from starch and has biodegradability. After its waste is buried in the soil, the fiber can be completely decomposed into C02 and H20 in about 1-2 years under the action of microorganisms in the soil and water, thus degradation occurs. The carbon dioxide produced by it can be reduced in the atmosphere through the light and action of plants, which will not cause pollution to the earth's environment. Since this is a cycle, the experts called the PLA fiber "environmental recycling materials in the 21st century".